Resume Sample

Resume Model for Undergraduates (Basic Guidelines)

School Address
City, State, Zip
(Area Code) Phone
Your Name
(If school and home address are the same, place in this area)
Permanent Address
City, State, Zip
(Area Code) Phone
Career Objective: Type of work sought  
  Using bullets for emphasis, list the skills and knowledge you have that are needed for the position desired. Explain the skill by adding what you have accomplished using this skill. Include computer and interpersonal skills.
Education: Degree, Year
Name and location of College/University attended

Honors: list scholarships, awards, other recognition
Career-related course of projects
Major activities-if appropriate

Experience: Job Title, Name of Co./Employer, Date (in yrs.), City and State
Two statements of duties, responsibilities, accomplishments
  List similar data for other employment/volunteer work/practicum/
Internships in reverse chronological order
Special Interests: Interests, hobbies, linguistic abilities, travel, community or professional activities and other items that may indicate your special talents or interests…as long as they are appropriate for the career objective.
Affiliations: (optional) Membership in professional organizations
References: (Optional) It is sufficient to state: Will be provided upon request.

Here's a sample resume, somewhat different than the format above:
Melissa A. Carter
College Address
4101 University Drive, #310
Anchorage, AK 99508
September through April 2001
  Permanent Address
3421 W. Long Avenue
Seattle, WA 98109
After May 8, 2001
Career Objective: An entry level position as a Juvenile Probation Officer with the State of Alaska that utilizes skills in psychosocial assessment, treatment planning, and counseling which will positively contribute to the rehabilitation of youth.
Summary of Qualifications:
· Helped perform intake interviews, including psychosocial assessments and treatment plans with 8 children in a residential services organization
· Led a workshop on Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention while participating in an interdisciplinary case conference
· Practiced crisis intervention, referrals, and client advocacy for three years
· Interviewed and assessed 100 children in 3 villages regarding rehabilitation and program needs for alcohol and drug problems
· Co-delivered assertiveness training workshop for 25 women
· Adept at writing reports and plans with IMB PC using Word Perfect and Windows 6.0
· Employers have stated that I am patient, a good problem solver, perform well under stress, and have an excellent rapport with children
Education: Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology, 2000,
Alaska Pacific University, Anchorage, Alaska

Psychology Club, President
Alcohol; and Drug Abuse Prevention Workshop Leader, 1998
Co-leader for Assertiveness Training Workshop, 1999
180 hours Practicum, Alaska Health and Social Services Department, 1999
· Assisted department by conducting research in three rural Alaska villages to determine the extent of alcohol and drug abuse among children
· Provided data entry for research project and developed a system whereby results were easily accessed
Crisis Intervention, Crisis Intervention Service Agency, 1999
· Trained in crisis intervention
· Provided problem solving advice to people in crisis especially regarding child abuse
· Referred clients to social service agencies
Intake Interviewer, Valley Children's Clinic, Summers - 1996-1998
· Performed intake interviews and worked with director assessing and writing treatment plans for children/families with behavioral concerns
· Assisted department counselor in initiating one-on-one counseling programs for 8 children