Personal Statement Writing Guide

Building Your Personal Statement
Draft Outline ?how to structure your personal statement
Attention Grabbing Introduction ?(150 words) 引人入胜的开头,为何要选择某个领域
Attention-grabbing paragraph: Start with a unique paragraph about you, why you want to study or who motivates you in your study topic? The first two sentences should be attention grabbing.
Fill in this sample section on your particular interests in the university course.

Opening paragraph
Paragraph 1 Educational background ?(100 words)教育背景

Compose a short summation of your education background in your study area. The key here is to be brief 杢he admissions officer already has your exam grades.

Paragraph 2: Your personal experiences ?(150 words)个人经历
This may include a brief area on family support, your accomplishments or poor grades. You want to provide a description of how you became an excellent student. Don抰 forget to include particular reasons why you wish to study at university.

Paragraph 3: Why should they choose you? ?(100 words)?/b> 为何要录取你
This may comprise academic abilities but also on your social interests.

Paragraph 4: Summary and Conclusion ?(100 words)总结
This paragraph will tie everything in from all the information you have written. Integrate all the information gathered in the above paragraphs and finish on two positive sentences! The closing sentences must be attention grabbing.

Key topics 关键的主题
When thinking about why you wish to study your topic you will undoubtedly be bombarded with different objectives. Attending university is a huge commitment and it will help if you capture the essence of your objectives in a few sentences.如果能在短短几句之内说明申请原因会更好。If you are pursuing a research degree, it is worth describing your areas of research and professional interest. Someone applying to a marketing program might say:
"My particular interests are in corporate identity and corporate responsibility. As an undergraduate research assistant, I studied the principles of corporate identity, both as a management issue and as an academic discipline. This subject has grown significantly over the last decade. Currently I am investigating potential discrepancies between the actual and the ideal identity of the organisation as perceived by employees. University X's program in marketing management provides the direction and environment in which I can pursue my work in corporate identity."

What experiences and qualifications do you hold? 你有什么样的经历和资质?

Some universities may ask you to write about experiences and qualifications that you have undergone which have led you to pursue your field of study. Any experience can be stated as long as it is related to your subject area. It may be worth noting key historic dates, which will help you place where you were. It is important to look at major events here. Those that come readily to mind:

1982 ?Completed BSC (Hons) in English
1985 ?Graduate Trainee Program ?IBM
1987 ?Marketing Manager
1999 ?Meeting Mary and settling down
1989 ?MA in Marketing Management
2001 ?Marketing Manager for Foods Plc
2004 - Volunteer in homeless ?decide to study爉edicine

个人陈述的结构可以创新,但是一点要有突出的事件。You can be creative in how you want to structure your personal statement. You can express your ideas in time spans, unless there are distinctive areas in your life with unique experiences. This is not a recommended structure, and you should just concentrate on a simple structure based on major events in your life and integrate your experiences and qualifications. In regard to your qualifications, it is important to talk around these and how each qualification has improved your critical thinking. It is important to remember--this is a short personal statement, not an autobiography. Focus on your subject experience, and be particular about each experience. If you are lacking practical experience, demonstrate your interest and ability to study your topic.

记住要给对方描述一个明确的自我。Remember to keep the discussion personal. How much you revel about yourself is up to you. Many students fall into the trap of keeping the reader at arms length. Having reached the conclusion, admissions officers need to feel that they know more about you than when they started. Do not get lost in jargon. The spotlight of the personal statement should remain on you and your accomplishments. A significant tool is to impart the information by showing rather than telling. The fact that you have been swimming every day is impressive, but what is more interesting is the inspiration behind it: the fact that you had seen Olympic winner Mark Spitz and the reasons why he inspired you.
Your goals in the future 你未来的目标。
It is important to outline your short and long-term goals; tell how the universities on the application form can help you meet them.