Personal Statement Writing Guide

Where to Start?

Brainstorming 头脑风暴:回顾你的人生和思想历程。

Brainstorming is where the creative process begins as you mentally travel through your life and let the ideas flow. The most vital part of your personal statement is the subject matter ?your accomplishments. You have already identified three key reasons for studying, so this section focuses on your key accomplishments. Here is the first, most important maxim of personal statement writing:

Vivid presentation of your accomplishments = an excellent personal statement. 生动地描述你的成就就是一份优秀的个人陈述

This is why it is necessary to:

Decide beforehand what are your accomplishments.

Think of a compelling theme which will prevent you rambling all over the place. 想到一个主题。

A successful personal statement is all about your accomplishments if you can抰 think of any (for whatever reason), then read the guide below. Accomplishments are the points that help sell you so this section is essential.

Begin by listing your accomplishments and ask yourself if they are SMART (specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and timed) 列举你的成就,看看这些成就是否SMART:也就是说是否具体、可以衡量、具有行动性、真实、时效的?

Try to use powerful verbs: see the powerful verb page 尽量用动词。

Ensure that each accomplishment is relevant to your study area. 确保每个成就与你的学习领域有关。

If you have limited work experience, you may want to look at the following list

Work experiences / positions of responsibility / summer jobs. 工作经历

Web site work ?have you developed your own website? 网站兼职

Temporary work. 临时的工作

Volunteer work. 志愿者

School experiences, essays, assignments, projects, team working, hands-on assignments, presentations, student exchanges, simulations. 学校经历作业交换项目模拟项目等

School / college positions. 学校职务

Social clubs and hobby interests. 俱乐部


Following identification of work experience possibilities you can now brainstorm responses to the questions below. Be sure to list the context for each accomplishment.



Describe three life experiences that have motivated your choice of study. Has it been a family member or parent? 人生经历影响了你,家庭成员?

What are your greatest asserts that you can bring to your chosen subject?你能为选择的领域带去什么?

List special things that set you apart from other students.显示你个性的方面

List any prizes you won.获得的奖励

What superlatives can you list, such as the highest achievements, the best exam score or your highest graded essay? 最大的成就,最好的考试成绩,得分最高的作文

What has been your greatest academic achievement? 最好的学术成果?

Describe factors that have motivated you to consider a career in your chosen field of study.导致你选择某个领域作为职业的原因

What are your greatest assets and describe two situations when you used these assets?最大的资产(竞争力),以及发挥这些竞争力的两个情况

List situations in which you have trained, taught, or oriented members. Have you spoken in public or written for an audience?证明你培训帮助和引导其他人的经历

What are your favourite books, movies燼nd爃obbies? Have these influenced you to choose your study subject? 最喜欢看的书、电影,以及是否受次影响。

Have you faced any difficulties in life? How did this difficulty change you? 是否面对人生挑战

Have you ever worked hard for something for a long time and finally achieved your goal? Give an example of your leadership ability.是否刻苦学习某个东西,举例说明你的领导能力。

Is there anything that the Admissions Officer should know that is not in your personal statement?


Where do you see yourself in five years time? How does this university course fit into your plans for the future? 五年之后准备做什么,学校是否会帮你更好地实现未来计划

What would your friends and family say if they were writing your personal statement?如果你的家人和朋友帮你写作ps,他们会怎样写呢?


Know Your Audience 了解你的读者

It is important that you aware of your readership because the personal statement should be shaped accordingly. This section will address what admission officers look for in personal statements. There are two ways to approach writing for your audience.

Choosing a topic简单的主题

The key is to keep it simple. Select all topics from your brainstorming list above and run them through these questions:

1. Nothing warms a reader more than a shared personal experience: is your key topic a personal experience? 是否是个人经历?

2. Does my topic show motivations for my subject area? Or university of choice?是否显示你的热情

3. Make sure your topic does not list activities.不要写成流水帐

4. Make sure your topics present both social and academic goals.