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MBA Admissions: Advice for Chinese Applicants
Hundreds of Chinese apply for a few coveted spots in the top U.S. business programs each year. What are those programs looking for in their applications?每年都有数以百计的中国人申请美国MBA,那么这些MBA项目希望申请者具备何种能力呢?

Demonstrated experience in an international business environment 展现你在国际商业环境中的经历

The top American and international business programs like Chinese applicants to demonstrate their ability to work in an international business environment. If you've worked overseas or with a multinational company in China, you need to discuss that experience: explain the kinds of cultural differences you observed and give examples of how you surmounted the cultural gaps with your foreign counterparts and team members. 如果申请者有在中国的跨国企业的工作经历,应该详细谈论,介绍你注意到的文化区别,并且说明你是如何克服这种文化差异的。

Were the Westerners brash? How did you help them learn to communicate with the Chinese staff? 西方人更傲慢吗?中国人更保守吗?
Were the Chinese reserved? How did you help them learn to share their ideas with Westerners?
But what if you haven't had the opportunity to work abroad or with a foreign multinational? You still need to prove your ability to work with foreigners and understand international business culture. You can do so by discussing your interaction with foreign suppliers or buyers or with Western consultants or auditors. Furthermore, you could draw on your experiences as a volunteer with an international non-profit organization such as the Red Cross to testify to your cultural aptitude and experiences with foreigners.如果你没有这种经历,你仍需要证明你与外国人协同工作的能力,可以谈及如何与外国客户打交道的,还可以谈及自己参加国际非政府组织的志愿者经历。 Share your impact展示你的影响力
Impact is best demonstrated with numbers. Your work experience section, resume, and essays need to give details such as the percent increase in sales that your initiatives have effected, the percent or amount in costs that your efforts have saved, or the number of offices or branches you have expanded. Use these numbers to complement your descriptions of how you revolutionized the systems, methods, and operations of your company.用具体的数据说明你帮助取得了那些成就,如何改善了经营等。

Did the marketing campaign you designed boost sales of the product by 50% within 6 weeks? 你提议的营销计划是否在六周内将销售提高了50%
Show that you are a rising star 说明你是一颗正在兴起的新星。
Rising stars are already recognized by senior management through promotions and increased responsibilities. To demonstrate that you are a rising star: 1) report the number of promotions you have earned, 2) describe how your responsibilities surpass those of peers your age, 3) compare your age to those on your level in the hierarchy, and 4) detail how you are collaborating with and recognized by senior management. 为了说明你的潜力,要列举你获得升职的次数,你是如何比同行或者同龄人优秀的,证明你是如何获得高层管理层认可的。

Have you earned a promotion every year or become the youngest department manager? 你是否每年都得到晋升,是最年轻的部门经理
Do you manage 30 people, the largest revenue producing sector of your company, or its most prestigious clients? 是否管理了30个人,
Prove that you are a leader, manager, and mentor to others证明你的领导能力
Use your essays to illustrate the strategic initiatives you have designed to steer the company in new directions and detail how these initiatives are contributing to growth. Describe the trends you have foreseen in your industry and how you are preparing your company for them. Detail the plans you have created to nurture your staff to help them grow. Tell anecdotes about how you have led your team through controversy and difficulty. 利用文章说明你提出的战略性计划,说明你是如何带领团队走出困难的。

Did you identify an untapped market and lead a taskforce to create a product to tap this niche? 你是否开拓了市场
How did you lead the team through the crisis to bring the product to market in record time?
Reveal your passion and direction 亮出你的激情,说明你的方向

MBA programs are seeking Chinese applicants who are passionately pursuing career growth and impact. Don't just tell the reader about your grand plans for the future; overcome your reticence and convey your excitement and enthusiasm for your career and your goals. Grant the reader some insight into the emotional reasons behind your decision to pursue your path.

Did your experience collaborating with a Western consultant to boost the results of your department inspire you to launch your own consultancy?
Did spending your afternoons toiling on your family's vegetable garden motivate you to develop an environmentally safe insecticide and lead a company on a mission to increase the world's food supply?

Discuss your community activism参与的社区活动
American MBA programs are seeking students who are involved outside of work and school. You need to show the admissions committees that you are more than the sum of your education and career. You are a person committed to the community, who makes an active contribution to more than just your company. Tell stories about your volunteer activities and how you are recruiting others to become more involved.美国MBA希望看到学生对校外活动的热心,因此你不应该仅仅是谈论教育背景,应该说明你对社区活动的热心和参与。

Has your love of the sciences prompted you to found an after-school program with free science tutoring and exciting interactive experiments that now includes 20 schools across China?
Demonstrate that you need an MBA from an American institution

As a Chinese applicant, you need to convince the admissions committees that you need an MBA from an American institution, specifically the program you are applying to. First, detail the international aspect of your future goals. Second, describe how your goals are linked to this institution's program. And third, explain the importance of interacting with the international student body.说明你的未来职业的国际化特色,其次是说明你的计划如何与学校的MBA项目联合起来。第三,说明你与国际学生 交流的重要性。

Does your medical background and future aspirations to fund medical technology ventures steer you to Fuqua?
Do you want to refine your manufacturing background in a specialized program like Kellogg's?

Ace the interview攻克面试
What's the biggest interview obstacle for Chinese applicants? Spoken English. To improve your English, join an English conversation group, befriend English speakers in China, and read voraciously in English. Throughout the interview remember your profile and what has driven you throughout your career. Prepare examples in advance to discuss how you have led teams, overcome conflicts, and made an impact in the community. Know everything you can about this business school: what programs, majors, and clubs it offers, which you plan to participate in, and what its student body is like. Know exactly why this is the best program to help you achieve your goals. Finally, review Accepted.com's MBA Interview Feedback Database to prepare for each school's interview questions and format.大多数中国学生面试时候的问题是英语不好,所以你要在面试前练习英语,试着用英语说明你如何带领团队如何参与活动等等。

Putting it all together
Each school is sifting through those hundreds of applications to find the Chinese applicants that will be able to benefit from its program and enhance the education and experience of its other students. But determining which stories best illustrate your impact, advancement, leadership, passion, activism and knowledge of the school is daunting. An Accepted.com editor can help you reflect on your experiences, select the anecdotes that best portray your exceptionality, and fit them into each school's individual questions to help your application become one that they don't let slip through their fingers!


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