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What is a Personal Statement? 马里兰大学
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What is a Personal Statement? 马里兰大学

What is a Personal Statement?

  •   An opportunity for the readers of your application to get a feel for you as a person and as a student

  •   Explains HOW and WHY the events you describe have shaped your attitude, focus, and intellectual strengths

  •   A personal statement is reflective; it demonstrates that you have gained a clear perspective on your experiences and what you want in your future

  •   An effective essay is not a list of your accomplishments but a description of selected achievements; the goal is quality, not quantity

  •   Demonstrates knowledge of your major and the college to which you are applying

  •   Shows your passion for your field and your personality

    Structuring Your Statement


    Provides your essay’s controlling theme.


    Paragraphs (2-4) that develop your theme through examples and detailed experiences and which are build upon each other. The final body paragraph will contain your most poignant information.


    A conclusion that widens the lens and wraps up your essay without summarizing or repeating what has already been written.

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Questions to Ask Yourself

  • What is different, unique or impressive about you?

  • What kinds of influences have shaped who you are?

  • Are there any adversities that have shaped your self-image, career, or education?

  • How did you become interested in this field and what have you since learned about it (and about yourself) that has further stimulated your interest and/or reinforced your conviction that you are well-suited for this field?

  • How have you learned about this specific field (through classes, reading, seminars, work or other experiences)?

  • If you have worked during your college years, what have you learned (leadership or managerial skills) and how has that work contributed to your growth?

  • Are there any gaps/discrepancies in your academic record that you should explain (great grades but mediocre GRE scores)?

  • What personal characteristics (integrity, compassion, persistence) do you possess that would enhance your prospects for success in the field or profession?

  • What skills (leadership, communicative, analytical) do you possess and what kinds of concrete proof can you provide?

  • Why might you be a stronger candidate and more successful and effective in the field or profession than other applicants – what sets you apart?

  • What are the most compelling reasons they should consider you?

  • What path do you envision your career taking (short- and long-term)?


P●e●rsonalStatement3- 3

Tell What You Know

  • Do your best to relate what you know about field, using language professionals use in your industry to convey information

  • Refer to experiences (work, research, etc.), classes, conversations with other professionals, books you’ve read, seminars you’ve attended, or other sources about the career you want and why you believe you are suited to it.

  • What you choose to include is a demonstration of your judgment; give careful consideration to what you select.

    Tying it All Together: The Personal Statement Start by listing facts about the different parts of your life:

I. Personal History/Life

II. Academic Life

III. Work/Research Life 

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